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Established by Leonid Shishkin in Moscow back in 1989 Leonid Shishkin Gallery has quickly become the  leader of  Russian art scene. Being extremely popular with its cultural projects, exhibitions and auctions and staying for 20 years both public and the media's favourite, it has in 2010 expanded its activity into the UK. Dealing with Russian, British and European art of the XX century the Gallery delivers an outstanding art and impeccable service to its international clientele.



"The collector is an artist in his own way. You can read the person's soul from their collection".

Leonid Shishkin -  an art connoisseur, the gallery owner, an auctioneer, Russian art expert with more that 30 years experience. He was lucky enough to know in person some important artists of the Soviet era. 

On photo: in front of his portrait by Dmitry Nalbandian


Leonid is CINOA and ICAAD accredited expert in Dmitry Nalbandian and Aleksander Gerasimov art.

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