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Leonid Shishkin was born in Sverdlovsk in 1947.

In his youth was a professional footballer. In 1969 he became a Master of Sports of the USSR in soccer.
In 1972 graduated as a journalist from the Ural State University in Sverdlovsk. Worked as a sports journalist for the state newspaper "Na Smenu" and for the magazines "Sovetsky Sport" and the "Sports in the USSR" 
In the early 1980s began to work as an art journalist publishing his articles on art in such popular magazines as: "Ogoniok", "Smena" and "The Soviet Union". At the late 1980s made his first steps in art entrepreneurship.

  • 1987 -  organised his first art exhibition abroad "Exhibition of graphic works by contemporary Soviet artists" in Prague, Chech Republic.

  • 1992 - organised "Russian traditional Art and Crafts" exhibition within the State Festival "Russian Days in Venezuela" in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • 1994 -  was in charge of cultural section of  "Technologies from Russia" exhibition in Washington DC, USA 

Other oversees art exhibitions arranges by Leonid Shishkin Gallery 

  • 1996 - Estoril and Algarve,Portugal,

  • 1998 - Cologne, Germany,

  • 2000 - Brussels, Belgium,

  • 2001 - San Jose,Costa Rica,

  • 2002 - Milano, Italy (MIA Art Fair)

  • 2009 - The First Fair of Russian Art in London. London, Jumeirah Hotel.

  • 2003 - Amsterdam. Netherlands

  • 2013 - Alchemy of Power. Aleksandr Gerasimov - Velasquez for Josef Stalin. Leonid Shishkin Gallery. Weybridge. UK

  • 2014 - Olympia Art Fair. London UK

Major exhibitions by Leonid Shishkin Gallery in Russia include:

  • 2003 - "Masterpieces of Russian Art" Exhibition. Ekaterinburg, Governor's Residence Exhibition Hall

  • 2006 - Travelling to Central Asia. Moscow. Central House of Artists/ Leonid Shishkin Gallery

  • 2007 - Dmitry Nalbandian. Paintings and graphic works from Private collections. Moscow. Leonid Shishkin Gallery

  • 2007 - Yury Pimenov. Moscow. Leonid Shishkin Gallery

  • 2007 - The Urals in Art. Moscow. Leonid Shishkin Gallery

  • 2010 - Nikolay Smirnov. Eternal Return. Saint Petersburg. State Russian Museum

  • 2013 - Yury Pimenov. Moscow. Radisson Royal Hotel.

2016 - Aleksandr Gerasimov. Moscow. The State Historical Museum

In 2000-2013 - Leonid organised and ran monthly auctions of Russian and Soviet art. For many of them he acted

as an auctioneer as well.

Leonid has been personally acquainted and on friendly terms with many famous artists from the Soviet era including such legendary name as Dmitry Nalbandian (1903-1996) who painted Leonid's portrait in 1993.
Leonid Shishkin is an accredited expert of ICAAD on the art of D.A.Nalbandian (1906-1993) and Aleksandr Gerasimov (1881-1963).

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