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Moscow painter. An inventor of a unique genre  - “historic still life” or as he called it "a historic theatre of objects".
Graduated from Moscow State University, the History of Art department.
Author of a number of books and articles on Russian and European art. Worked as an art researcher for the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Began painting in 1977 and soon became a professional artist at the age of 39. Participated in Art Exhibitions at Malaya Gryzinskaya Art hall (1977-1985), an International Art Exhibition “Images of the Motherland” in Basel (Switzerland, 1984-19986), Russian Artists’ exhibition in Dusseldorf ( Germany, 1986), the All-Union Pushkin exhibition in the Manezh Art Hall (1987), the Exhibition of the Soviet Art in Japan (1987, where he was awarded the gold medal), art shows in France (1987-1988).
Smirnov’s paintings are preserved in private collections in Russia, USA, Columbia, Bolivia, France and Germany.
Over 25 years Nikolay Smirnov has been working as an artist but but during this time he gained international recognition and his works sonn became sought after by art collectors.

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